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© 2012 Kilohana Martial Arts Association. Kilohana Martial Arts Association is a non-discriminatory non-profit organization.

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The word "Kilohana" refers to "being made of the finest material". We, as founders of Kilohana, promise to honour Professor Kufferath and the name Kilohana by always conducting ourselves with honour and integrity, by dedicating ourselves wholly and completely to our training, and by always striving for the perfection of character that true martial study is designed to instil in us.

Kilohana Martial Arts association is a non-profit organization founded to perpetuate the teachings of Professor Kufferath, as well as to promote the study of other martial disciplines so as to provide the widest possible exposure to all aspects of martial arts for our members. Kilohana also encourages the discovery of the spiritual aspects of martial art and works diligently to foster a sense of community among other martial organizations and schools.

1touch Project for the Blind

This is the official home for the 1Touch system of self-defense for the blind. Check back often to stay up-to-date for the latest news, events and special content. Go to our Upcoming Events page to hear about upcoming workshops, seminars & instructor certification courses. Please also check out our Testimonials page to hear what people are saying about 1Touch.


Listen to Sensei Stephen Nicholls discussing self-defense for the visually-impaired on "In Touch" on the BBC's Radio 4.

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