Sensei Claudio Artusi

Claudio Artusi practices martial arts since 1967. Assiduous researcher, never satisfied to investigate and learn from different schools and systems of modern combact, he goes every year in Japan, Finland, France, Scotland, England, Poland, Lithuania, California to study with the biggest Soke still alive.

Claudio Artusi (Venice, Italy, 1955) started to study Martial Arts very young. After the school-leaving Certificate, Shihan Claudio Artusi specialized in some agro-industrial sectors and he has become an expert mycologist, wine specialist and an expert gastronome. Refined Venetian Art of 1900 and Old Japanese Weapons Collector, Shihan Claudio Artusi has become an Honorary Member of great many Organizations of Martial Arts. For his activity of popularizer of Japanese philosophy, Shihan Claudio Artusi got many honor, not least he has been appointed “Knight of the Roman Eagle”. At present, he works for Ministery of Health. Shihan Claudio Artusi promotes many events in his country and he is highly esteemed for his sincerity and reliability. In 2011 he received from the CSEN (Promotional Sports Centre) the title of "Knight of the Sport"

Author of books on martial arts, writes for various sports magazines

He began practicing martial arts in 1967 with the study of judo at the Judo Club Mestre with Maestro Giancarlo Piccoli and then in the Dojo of Master Bruno Carmeni in Conegliano Veneto (TV) for 6 years and finally during the military service goes to Udine in the Dojo Tenri Judo Club of the Master TAKATA (mr, hane goshi).

At 17 years he knows the Wado-ryu Karate thanks to Master Iwao Yoshioka Sensei at the Kushinkay in Mestre and then with Master G. Bocchini. In 1977 he enrolled at the FIK and, in the presence of the Aasters Augusto Basile and Iwao Yoshioka Sensei, he becomes 1st Dan in Karate Wado-ryu and Instructor in 19/01/1979. He followed the teachings of the Master Prof. Tatsuo Suzuki 9th dan for four years, training also with the following technical Wado-ryu Karate: Ishikawa Sensei, Toyama Sensei, Hayakawa Sensei, Kobayashi Sensei. In 1989, with the first coming in Italy of the founder of Wado-Ryu Style, Soke H. Ohtsuka II° 10th Dan, Master Claudio Artusi in order to continue to spread the pure and original style wado-ryu, he has joined to the International Wado Academy, a international organization that has in Europe as the only technical manager the Master Masafumi Shiomitsu 9th dan hanshi. For this, he received the degree of Renshi.

He studied with many Japanese Masters and Eastern Europe to increasing his technical and cultural. He studied with:

  • Shodai Soke J.B. Glerant dell’Hakkobujutsu
  • 15° Soke Masashi Yokoyama del Mondo Ryu Heiho
  • 16° Toryo Motomu Ikubo del Tauramuso- ryu Bujutsu
  • 16° Soke Ono Yotaro del Takeuchi ryu Kobudo
  • Soshi Yuji Matsuoi del Mugenryu Hei Ho
  • Dai-Shihan Roland Hernaez del Nihon Tai Jitsu
  • Soke Keido Yamaue dello Yamaue Ryu Aikijutsu
  • Dai-Shihan Roland Jean Maroteaux del Takeda-Ryu Maroto-Ha
  • Shihan Yoshiyuki Itani del Yakumaru Jigenryu Kenjutsu

In 1997 he began the study of Krav Maga in Nice (France) with the Instructor Philippe Kaddouche and he become an instructor of level 1.

In 2005 he began the study of the techniques of Defense / Offense Spetnacz Global (Russian System) of the General Vladimiras Lisicynas which he continues to study.

In 2009, with his friend Philippe Floch from Brest, Soke of Modern Combact System, he starts to developed in Italy his method.

Thanks to Floch, in 2009, Master Claudio Artusi starts a collaboration with the great masters of Poland (Nidai Soke R. Rudzki, Soke M. Kuswik, Soke K.Jankowiak, Soke E.Murloski G.M. M. Takac, G.M. R. Wisniewski, G.M.L.Koltun, G.M. A. Kups, Hanshi J.Chekinski; from Hungery Dr. Hanshi Geza) , and in 2010 he received from the hands of the Soke Kontratowice the degree of Hanshi 8th Dan in Goshin Ryu Jujutsu.

In the February 8, 2009 in Thurso (Scotland) he know Grand Master Stephan Nicholls Danzan Ryu 7°dan Menkyo Kayden and receives the diploma of KILOHANA ITALY Representative, a great HONOR to be part of the Kilohana Family.

In 2011, with his friend and Grand Master Stephen Nicholls he starts to study the Danzan ryu Jujutsu.

In November 2011 he came in California for one seminar and know a fantastic Grand Masters: G.M. Al Novak, G.M. Prof. J. Muro, G.M. Prof. A. Gonzales, G.M. R. Castro, G.M. R. Saturno, Prof. H. Ingebretsen, Prof. M. Esmailzadeh, Prof. M.Jimenez, Sensei J.Largent, Sensei L.Kufferath.

He is, also, student of Buddhist Priest (Keido Yamaue Sensei (Okayama Daishoji Imperial Temple), and Shinto Priest (Kannushi Higaki Miyanushi Shindo Higaki no Niwa –Kanagawa-Ken).

He is currently in possession of the following degrees:
  • 9°dan Hanshi Gun Jin Ryu Jujitsu (Military Jujitsu)
  • 9°dan hanshi Goshin Ryu Jujitsu
  • 9°dan Nihon Hakko Bujutsu
  • Sandai Kichu in Nihon Hakko Bujutsu
  • 8°dan in Modern Combat System (I.M.C.F.)
  • 8°dan SatoKan goshinjutsu
  • 5°dan Satoryu Jujutsu
  • Renshi Sato Ryu Ju Jutsu
  • Shihan in Hakkoryu Jujutsu (Hombu Dojo Omiya)
  • 7°dan Jujutsu (Csen)
  • 7°dan Kyoshi Wadoryu (International Martial Arts & Culture Federation -Osaka)
  • 7°dan Kyoshi Jujutsu (I.M.A. & C.F. Osaka))
  • 7°dan Menkyo Kaiden in Jujutsu
  • 7°dan Italian World Ju-Boxing Federation
  • 8°dan Hanshi Tenchi Bogyo Ryu Komin no Goshin jutsu
  • 8°dan Tenchi Bogyo Ryu Muso Dento Tekina Keisatsu Goshin-Jutsu
  • VI°dan Tenchi Bogyo Ryu Tokumu Kikan Kenju Jutsu
  • V° dan T.B. R. Keisatsu Tokumu Kikan Kenju Jutsu
  • Instructor of Pistols, Smersh Pistols
  • General Consul of Tenchi Bogyo Ryu in Italy Go Dan
  • Regional Master – Senior Teacher
  • Grand Master of Antikriminal…
  • The General – I of Antikriminal….
  • International Teacher (Instructor) Defense Attack System (Hayabusa)
  • Italy Rappresentative of Mondo Ryu Heiho
  • Chuden in To Jutsu Mondoryu
  • Shoden in MondoRyu Jujutsu
  • Italy Rappresentative of Kilohana Martial Arts Association
  • Hanshi in Shushinkan AikiBudo
  • Chief Instructor for Italy I.M.C.F. (Internatiopnal Modern Combat Federation)
  • Direttore Tecnico Italiano della World Krav Maga Federation
  • Master 6°dan France Krav Maga
  • W.K.M.A. 6°dan
  • W.K.M.A. 5°livello
  • Instructor Baton-Tonfa (I.M.C.F.)
  • Instructor Self-Defense (I.M.C.F)
  • Istruttore in Krav maga Police
  • Instructor of FIMASD Kerambit Knife
  • Membro Onorario della Sosuishiryu jujitsu kai
  • Membro onorario della International Arts & Culture Institute of Japan
  • Membro Ufficiale della NPO di Soke Higaki Miyanushi
  • Rappr.Italiano della Scottish Yoshin Kempou
  • Rappr.Italiano della Kosho Ryu Kempou Canada
  • Shihan in Koroho Japanese Self Defense
  • Senior Master Teacher in Specnaz Russian Antiterrorism Technics
  • 2°dan in Judo Instructor
  • Shodan Aikido Kobayashi-ha
  • 3°dan Istruttore in Iai/batto-Do
  • Shodan Toyamaryu Iaijutsu
  • Instructor Mitsurugi Taido Aikijutsu

Contact: [email protected]

“Always in Budo Spirit, …with Peace and Harmony”