Mike Inay

Mike Inay grew up in the Stockton California area in the late forties to the sixties. In his early twenties he found out that his national heritage contained something beautiful and worth the effort of preserving. So began Mangisursuro's path of preserving Filipino Martial Arts.

Many who knew him know of his efforts to preserve FMA with integrity and practicality. Still others know of his ability to perform his art with amazing skill, and teach it with even more skill. What is little known about him is his passion and way of life. "Suro" Mike Inay was a warrior at heart. He valued Integrity, Honor, and Loyalty.

His life was an example of discipline and dedication. No matter his physical condition he always met his commitment as a teacher and mentor.

He would often read from books about the warrior's path and philosophy in class. It was not the glorification of battle or the lust for combat that he would speak of. It was the approach to life itself. Any who had the chance to know him would remark on his exuberance for life. He was passionate about the things he loved, and wanted you to be passionate as well. He embodied the warrior's ethic of "Seize the Day". His approach to life was the recognition of our brief moment here, and to live so that no regret would be left. To be able to say "I did everything I could today, and if I were to die today it was a good life".

Because life was met with such passion, each day was an adventure. He would often be getting excited about the next adventure, the next idea. There was never a dull moment when you were with him. We cherish the lessons and we value his wisdom. But most of all, at least for me, It was his passion and happiness that was his best trait.

For me, his son, I have only a few wishes. May I always remember his smile, and hear his laughter. Remember him for his integrity and passion for life. You taught us to be martial artists, and some of us you showed the path of a warrior. But most of all I learned how to be human, and how to be happy regardless of our troubles.

Honor, Respect, Veracity, Justice, Ethic, Loyalty, Discipline, Rule, Conduct; he was all of that. That was his code, but he was more. He was a teacher, a mentor, and friend. But most of all he was an ordinary guy leading an extraordinary life. He saw the world and all from meagre beginnings.

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