Soke Miroslaw Kuświk


Training Centre of Prison Service Kalisz.

The position of Head of Intervention Techniques.

Grade - lieutenant colonel

Lecturer in COSSW-physical education, training shooting, self-defense tactics and techniques of intervention and the use of batons multifunctional type, tonfa''


State Higher Vocational School -teacher


Art and practiced martial arts since 1973 / judo player /

Teachers John Hard 2th Dan, AdamHard 5th Dan, Professor Dr. Krzysztof Kondratowicz 10th Dan, Professor Jonathan Stewart 10th Dan Samas USA, Soke Sigfrid Lory 10th Dan BFK.

Completed training in counter-terrorism in the United States 1993

Completed training in counter-terrorism in Israel in 2006r./Masada / On behalf of the European Union as an expert to carry out training

Self-defense techniques in the field of intervention for officers

Uniformed Services in Turkey / 16-22. 10.2005 r /.

Self Defense Instructor of Judo-club sports,''Resursa 1984 in Lodz.

Combat shooting instructor and sports.

Instructor self-Nr kl/3299 - Warszawa 06.11.1989r. Class III-judge shooting.

International instructor-hand combat Soke 10 Dan Jiu-Jitsu 9 Dan Modern Combat,Military Jiu Jitsu,

International instructor and black belt holder of the following systems - Jiu Jitsu Goshin Ryu,Combat Ju Jitsu, Tonfa-Baton-System, Keisatsu-Jitsu, Ai-Ki-Jitsu, Bo-hanbo-Jitsu, Nahkampf. Krav Maga, Judo and the Instructor  and shooting tactics and techniques of intervention.

Instructor in; Jiu-Jitsu, Modern Combat, Judo, Krav Maga, self-defense, shooting, baton / tonfa, tactics and techniques of intervention.

Author who created Modern Combat system which is stored and protected by copyright under Polish law and EU law from 28.01.2001.

Since 2002 the systematic organization of UM in Kalisz Seminars International Martial Arts and Techniques of intervention  for uniformed officers from across Europe / involved about 200 persons / in COSSW in Kalisz in, and the Holy Kalisz''.

Conducted many training courses, seminars and courses with foreign intervention techniques for all services of uniformed protective agents, for example: USA, Turkey Germany, Switzerland, Hungary, France, Italy, etc.

Conducted many training courses, seminars and courses with intervention techniques in the country for all the uniformed services, protective agents, property for example: Combat 56, Wloclawek, Wroclaw, COSSW in Kalisz, OISW in Opole, Warsaw, Nysa, Poznan, Lodz , WSP Legionowo, SP Slupsk, Lubliniec, Ostrow Wielkopolski.

The lecturer of the course instructors with specialty Recreation Self-Defence Movement in 2002 in COSSW on 11.11-01.12.2002r Rate of registered 83/R/ZGTKKF/M/S-0/2002.

Developing and conducting training. Secure Woman for UM In Kalisz 2008.

Develop and carry out the program, Action Winter Safety for Children in Kalisz - the winter holidays 2009-2010

Conducting the Self-Defense classes in Human Resources in Higher Vocational State School in Kalisz, University Gimnazjalisty od 20008-2010.

Teaching of classes in action, Secure Kobieta w 2009 organized by KMP in Kalisz under the patronage of the President, City of Kalisz, Dr. Janusz Pęcherz




Official Representative:

OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE- Combat Ju Jitsu AJJIF Global All Japan Ju Jitsu International Federation-Soke Alexey Kunin-USA

OFFICIAL REPRESENTATIVE -Europe Krav Maga Training- Alfonso Torragosa /Italia/

International Cooperation

International Bujutsu University / Denmark /-Professor-Soke Keido Yamaue 10 Dan / Japan /.

Word Kobudo Federation - Hanshi 8th Dan A. Sailly / France /.

Budo Federation Szépvölgyi Hungarian Géza dr. Kyoshi

Ju-Jutsu CSR - Soke Piero Rovigatti

Europen Krav Maga Trening-President Alfonsso Torogossa


All Japan JU JITSU International Federation-Soke Alexey Kunin

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